IT Systems Assurance

IT Systems Assurance is independent monitoring and oversight provided by a third party, who operate outside the purview of your IT support provider or your internal IT team.

IT Systems Assurance: Benefits


Human Error

Remove the risk of failures being overlooked, misdiagnosed or ignored.


Remove Conflict of Interest

Remove the conflict of interest that exists when allowing a supplier to monitor their own performance.

Certainty of monitoring

Independent monitoring guarantees that systems are accurately, continuously and responsibly monitored


Certainty of standards

Actively ensure that sensible best practices are being followed, and that systems are configured optimally.


Continuous Optimisation

Proactively, and independently verify that systems are optimise for cost, performance, redundancy and security.

Internet Redundancy

4G LTE internet redundancy from our monitoring appliance at no additional cost.

IT Systems Assurance


Third party monitoring

Expert monitoring from an independent third party

All common systems supported

Infrastructure, networks, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and all public cloud services supported


Guaranteed Action

We will notify you and react to alerts within 30 minutes, and escalate the issue to the appropriate party for resolution

Continuous ICT Review

All systems, vendors and applications are under constant monthly scrutiny

Fully Managed

Easy to implement, and fully managed.

Internet Redundancy

Included 4G LTE internet redundancy (for internet use only) from our monitoring appliance.

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