IT Support Assurance

IT oversight provided by a neutral third party.

IT Support Assurance is oversight provided by a third party. We orchestrate measurable improvements in business as usual IT operations, without changing your IT provider. 

IT Support Assurance: Benefits.

Improve your IT support

Higher quality, faster response, faster resolution, more proactivity.


Reduce your risk

Access emergency secondary support at any time, reducing the risk of relying on a single party.

Access an expert

Immediate access to an expert when you need a second opinion, to intervene in a support case, or provide other options.

Improve quality

To optimise support outcomes and improve support integrity.


Reduce IT incidents

Independent third party root cause analysis and process enforcement drastically reduces IT incidents


Have a well-advised strategy

Get the independent advantage of an expert but neutral third party to advise on the most objective strategy.

IT Support Assurance



Help desk oversight

Minute by minute helpdesk oversight to oversee the helpdesk activity.


Independent incident management

Expert management of critical and recurring incidents and problems

Independent Project Management

Expertly managed IT projects, ensuring a good project outcome.

SLA monitoring

Monitor adherance to Service Level Agreements

Backup support on-hand

Access secondary IT support for critical issues, after-hours support or for an independent second opinion.

Quality Control

Ensure that work is completed properly, to a high standard, and in line with best practices.

Fully Managed

IT Support Assurance is continuous, fully managed, and works with any IT company or in-house IT team

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