IT Cost Assurance

Continuous cost optimisation.

IT Cost Assurance is continuous cost optimisation carried out by an independent third party. Costs are continuously evaluated for value for money through waste removal, market appraisal, and technology enhancements including automation and other efficiencies.

Cost Assurance Benefits

Dramatic Cost Savings

Continual cost optimisation leads to lower ICT capital and operational costs.

Continuously Innovate

Capitalise on new technology to improve efficiency

Improve Performance & Reliability

Systems that run smoothly cost less, so greater performance and reliability can be the result of good cost optimisation.

More Automation

Laborious, manual work costs money. More automation means greater operational efficiency and lowers costs.


Re-targeted Investment

Money saved from optimisation can be diverted to other areas of investment which yield better results.

Improve Vendor Accountability

Continuous cost optimisation ensures that your vendors and suppliers perform, and are accountable.

Cost Assurance



Invoice Approvals

All invoices approved only when our cost optimisation criteria is met

Monthly Traffic Light Reporting

Easily see cost optimisation opportunities with our simple traffic light system.

Accurate Forecasting

See where your IT budget is being spent through an accurate and digestable monthly summary.


Continuous ICT Review

All systems, vendors and applications are under constant monthly scrutiny

Fully Managed

We support all business-grade backup and DR systems including Azure Site Recovery, Backup Exec, Comvault, Datta, CA, Veeam, Appassure and more.

Quality Control

Ensure that billed work is verified before it is paid.

The Cost Optimisation Framework

By not selling any IT products or services, we can be totally objective in our cost optimisation endevovours.

Smarter Design

A smarter design can reap 80% cost savings in some cases. With 100 ways of achieving the same outcome, knowing the differnece between them is key,

Know and Use the Market

There are are over 1000 individual services offered by the major Cloud and IT service vendors, all offering vastly differing benefits, and they are certainly not equal.

A Cost Optimisation Mindset

By adopting a cost optimisation mindset, cost optimisation becomes and matter of routine; not just to your organisation, but to  your suppliers.

Smart Tendering

Our market knowledge and tendering tactics allows us to obtain the best offers from suppliers.

Smart Self-Service

We examined 10,000 support requests, and proved that 70% of request could be devolved internally or self-serviced by users. 

More Know-How

Between Office 365, Azure , Google and AWS, there are over 1000 services. Knowing them all takes some commitment, but the rewards are huge.

License Optimisation

Licensing is complex and costly, often accounting for half or more of your costs. Licensing tweaks and alternative tactics are a great way to shave 10s of 1000s off your bills. 

Extreme Simplification

A network should not be any more complex than is strictly necessary. Complication leads to management and support overhead, and often causes performance issues and incidents. 

Lower Margins

Market testing ensures that you’re paying the correct margins according to what the market pays.

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