About Neutral IT

We’re a 100% neutral, impartial IT advisory.

Neutral is not an IT support company. This means; no products to sell to you, no sales targets to hit. No hardware or software vendors to please. Just objective, expert advice that is specifically for your organisation’s objectives.

Neutral: Get the independent advantage

At Neutral we do one, simple thing. That is to use our position of neutrality to achieve lower costs, improved performance, greater reliability, less complexity and lower risk.

100% Impartial and Balanced

Neutral means neutral.

Not for Sale

No IT support, IT products or IT  solutions for sale.

Cost effective & simple

Services are simple, cost effective, and undisruptive.

Be well-advised. Why impartiality is important.

Impartiality is important because it is the only way to know that the advice you are getting is objective. In other words, whether the advice contains bias towards a particular solution, technology or vendor to satisfy a sales target or some other agenda.

Most Australian IT firms have commercial partnerships with a single supplier, and so this introduces a bias towards their partners, and the result is potentially poor advice caused by a conflict of interest.

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