Impartial IT Managers & Technology Strategists

We provide impartial IT management, strategy, project management and IT assurance to the Australian mid-market. 

Impartial IT managers & technology strategists

We provide impartial IT management, strategy, project management and IT assurance to the Australian mid-market


Neutral IT is Australia’s only independent team offering neutral audits, tender management and a raft of neutral services to the Australian mid-market. We are 100% neutral, and offer no IT products or services. 

Security Auditing

Comprehensive IT security auditing. Your network, your staff, your suppliers and your customers trust you with their security..


IT Tender Management

Our experts will compare and contrast suppliers, and offer market insight that you won’t find elsewhere.

Vendor Management

A well-manged vendor will always perform better, and deliver better results.. Let us manage your MSP contracts.

Comprehensive IT systems, services, support and security audit

The most comprehensive IT systems review and audit offered anywhere on the Australian – without a sales agenda.

IT Cost Auditing

Cost-specific IT audits can dramatically reduce your IT costs.


Repeatable results, predicable performance.


Maximum extracted value from every dollar you spend.on IT


Light-touch, common-sense oversight


Truth and transparency from end-to-end

Looking for something else?


IT Assurance Programs

Improve your IT security
Improve your IT support
Improve your IT performance
Improve your IT reliability
Reduce your IT costs

Individual Services

IT systems auditing
IT security auditing
Tender management
IT cost reduction audit
Ransomware audit

Free Resources

IT Audit Checklists
IT Configuration Guides
Changing IT providers checklist
Office relocation checklist
Free 30-minute IT strategy session  

2018 Client Testimonials

Neutral IT cut our operational IT costs by thousands of dollars overnight. A thorough audit was delivered with gave us actionable insight across our whole IT stack. Gerry Wallace

General Manager, Greenline

We have used Neutral IT’s oversight services for about 18 months. The existence of an third party has improved the IT service levels to the business and provided a greater degree of visibility and control. Lee Corbitt

Director, Marble Expert Recruitment

Neutral’s intervention in our IT operations has resulted in a reduction of IT incidents by 35%, and our IT support vendors are now actively monitored to ensure that they are meeting their obligations to our organisation. A neutral party’s involvement has been very beneficial to us. Chulsoon G.

Director, Shoreline Chemical

Safe Hands

Neutral isn’t an IT company, and offers no IT services.


We work alongside your existing resources and suppliers to deliver an assured outcome. We are not an IT support company.


We will never sell IT solutions or products to our clients, or benefit from recommendations.


We aren’t affiliated with vendors, suppliers, distributes or resellers.

Case Stories

Data Heist By Average Joe

Read the true story of how Average Joe - with little technical knowledge - walked out the door with all his employer’s data after being sacked. On a network with good security practices, how was this possible? Read the full case story..

Ransomware Disaster.

Read the true story of ransomware worst nightmare. What started as a simple infection ended up a total disaster for an 80 year old business. Read the full case story...

Network Meltdown.

Read the true story of ahow a single mistake by a user resulted in .300 employees being sent home from work for almost two days. The outage cost the company over $250,000 and served as a big wake up call for the company's owners.. Case Story coming soon.

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Perfectly optimised IT is simple

Basic IT principles, simple oversight, and smarter choices. That’s our recipe for technology that comprehensively supports your business. Neutral solves the problems that exist as the legacy of poor advice, over-charging, over-complication, vendors’ self-interest and other forms of poor professional services. Neutral is neutral. We sell no IT services; this means that we’re not motivated by sales targets, vendor bias and other commercial pressures.

Simple service. Measurable results.

We believe that perfect IT involves the simple application of first principles, rather than from complicated services and expensive products.

We deliver IT harmony

A simple recipe for IT success

We deliver IT harmony

A simple recipe for IT success

Problems that we solve

We fix problems with common-sense, expert knowledge, and a 100% neutral approach that specifically targets your desired outcomes.
IT Over Spend & Over-Complication
We know what they market pays for services, so can confirm whether you are spending too much, or not enough.
Poor IT Support and Care
Poor IT support causes risks, and increases frustrations.
Poor IT Performance and Reliability
Weak IT Security and Resilience
Poor Vendor Performance and Accountability
Poor User Satisfaction & High Frustration
Lack of Direction & Strategy
Unknown and Undocumented Risks and Liabilities
Poor Governance and Oversight